The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2017 – Spank! 21st August 2017

SpankNow it’s time for the show that we look forward to the whole year round. It’s the irrepressibly brilliant Abigoliah Schamaun and the amazingly wonderful James Loveridge hosting Spank! at Belly Dancer @ Underbelly, Cowgate, at midnight on the night of Monday 21st. Here’s the blurb: “Spank! returns for an incredible 14th year with sexy hosts, awesome comedians and gratuitous nudity. With the most exciting comedy and cabaret on the Fringe, don’t miss the ‘best wild night out’ (Scotland on Sunday) at the festival!”

Abigoliah SchaumaunThis will be our first of three visits this week, and for this first one we hope to be accompanied by our friends Lord Liverpool and the Countess of Cockfosters and their entourage. Check back around 3am (or maybe early on Tuesday morning) to see who were the guests, who got naked and how much fun we had. By then the next preview blog should be available to read too.

So to my surprise the hosts were Danny O’Brien and Eleanor Conway – and they were great. We had an amazing nine acts, including The Establishment, Saskia Preston, Olaf Falafel, Danny McLaughlin and Sean Patton. The naked promo was by a doctor promoting the Anthony Nolan trust. We think we may have seen him before. All in all an amazing show, and we didn’t get back to the hotel till 3am. 

The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2016 – Spank! 25th August 2016

SpankFor last show on Thursday night it’s back for the second of our three Spankings this year, because, as the saying goes, we love it! It’s at midnight, of course, at Underbelly Cowgate (Belly Dancer) and will be the usual riot of unexpected misbehaviour and gentle teasings.

Abigoliah SchaumaunA reminder of the blurb: “Spank! returns for an incredible 13th year with sexy hosts, awesome comedians and the inevitable gratuitous nudity. With the most exciting comedy and cabaret talent on the Fringe, don’t miss the ‘best wild night out’ (Scotland on Sunday) at the festival! Spank! You love it! ‘This is what the festival should be about’ (List). ‘Legendary party night? Get down there right away!’ (Time Out). Previous acts include Rhys Darby, Jack Whitehall, Katherine Ryan, Josh Widdicombe, Adam Hills and many more! Ages 18+.” Looking forward to seeing our genial hosts again, the incredible Mr James Loveridge and Miss Abigoliah Schamaun, and I don’t expect to be in bed until very late. Check back very late – or maybe tomorrow morning – to find out just how spanklicious it was, and you can also find out about our first show for Friday.

Post-show update:

EstablishmentThis was a truly fun-filled Spank, and not just because of the guests! We started off with The Establishment, whom we had seen the day before at The Fainting Couch; then superb Canadian comic Allyson June Smith, making her UK debut Laura Prangley, hilarious Australian David Quirk, Emman Idama, Fraser Geesin and headline act Patrick Monahan. Naked promo was by Ellen who said she did it for fun and to promote good body image; but we later found out it was because her ex was at the same show with a new date! Patrick’s act was like a game show where Ellen (and her friend) got to choose a new date. James Loveridge’s mum and dad were in the audience and his dad was one of the contestants in the game show. You really had to be there!