The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2016 – The Fainting Couch, 24th August 2016

Fainting CouchSo far in our Edinburgh experiences, we haven’t been that lucky on the Burlesque front. Last year we didn’t get to see the show I’d planned, and the year before we saw a show that was complete pants. So we have high hopes for the first of this year’s two attempts – The Fainting Couch, on at Fingers Piano Bar, 61a Frederick Street, at 19:50 on Wednesday 24th. Here’s the blurb: “Welcome to the wonderful world of The Fainting Couch, where high art meets old-school raucous cabaret. Hosted by Scunthorpian songbird Elsie Diamond and featuring burlesque bombshells, opulent opera stars, pornographic poets, cataclysmic comedians and manic magicians. Dare you enter The Fainting Couch?”

F CouchYes, I dare. Here’s hoping for a pot pourri of saucy fun and unexpurgated glamour! Check shortly after 9pm to see if we were wowed and by then the preview blog for our next show should be available to read too. 

Post-show update:

Creative MartyrsUnquestionably vastly superior to the Best of Burlesque show we saw two years ago. The charming, bubbly and sexy Elsie Diamond fronted a superb collection of artistes. Johnny Macaulay dressed as a vampire bogeyman ate some razors; Kim Chaos did a raunchy burlesque strip; posh entertainers The Establishment unnerved us with their audience participation, opera singer Carmen Monoxide planted a smacker full on my lips, and The Creative Martyrs gave us a very austere comedy act – the Flanders and Swann of Burlesque – which included one of them simulating oral sex on me. Ah well, always one to push the boundaries – and Mrs Chrisparkle was last seen removing a stocking from the leg of Miss Elsie Diamond, so all’s fair in love and war. Classy, sophisticated, funny and sexy! 

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