The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Munch

MunchAmazing to think we’re on the last leg (and we’re on ours, too!) of our week in Edinburgh. Just three shows left and the first is Munch, a jolly sounding look at S&M. Well I did say we were trying to see shows we just wouldn’t get to see in Northampton! Here’s the blurb: “Munch, the A-Z of S&M, is a raucous ride through leather, leashes and all things kink. This compelling blend of poetry, puppetry, music and fun will have you rolling in the aisles and gagging for more. By award-winning playwright Ben Richards. ‘Prodigiously talented’ (Scotsman). ‘Wonderful storytellers … the poetry is incredible’ **** (”

Will CousinsMunch already wowed them at the Edinburgh Fringe two years ago, and now it’s back with (I believe) the same cast of Will Cousins and writer Ben Richards. I’m not entirely sure what to expect – they promise puppetry, poetry and plenty of puns, which doesn’t sound that S&M to me! I’m guessing there’s going to be an element of tongue and cheek about the whole thing. It all kicks off at 20:20 at the Underbelly Med Quad Daisy, so check back around 9.30 to see if we’re suffering from whiplash. Our next preview blog will be available to view too.


Terrific fun, great performers, dicey material put together with wit and charm. And where else do you get to see a 1970s overhead projector? And enlightening too! I ended up with my arms around Desdemona – don’t ask. Recommended!