The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2018 – Lolly Jones: Fifty Shades of May, 21st August 2018

Lolly JonesIn these troubled times we can’t have too much political satire and I’m hoping this show is going to overflow with it. It’s Lolly Jones: Fifty Shades of May Downstairs @ Assembly Roxy, at 20:50 on Tuesday 21st. Let’s see what the blurb has to say: “Lolly (BBC Three/Comedy Central) lampoons political figures in this character comedy/burlesque hybrid show. As Theresa May, she will taunt and tease in Brussels and in fields of wheat. Featuring footage of Liam Hourican as Jacob Rees-Mogg (Murder in Successville/Tracey Ullman’s Show). It’s Downing Street on poppers, with a P45, suspenders, and a chunky metal necklace! Also featuring Lolly as Angela Eagle, Arlene Foster (DUP) and as a saucy Nicola Sturgeon. ‘A blast to spend an hour with’ (Scotsman). Top 10 Best Shows of 2017 (Funny Women Awards).”

I’ve never heard of Lolly Jones but her awkward burlesque promo photograph was all I needed to give this show a chance – I reckon it will be either equally awkward or absolutely sensational. Check back around 9.15 pm to see how great (or otherwise) she was. By then the next preview blog should be available to read too.

Hilarious and inventive mix of satire and burlesque. Where else will you find the Prime Minister pleasuring herself with an EU flag? Escapist nonsense that makes the world of politics look not quite so terrifying!

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