The Edinburgh Fringe 3-Nighter – Best of Burlesque

Best of BurlesqueCan’t think of a better (theatrical) way of spending the end of the evening than with an hour’s worth of the Best of Burlesque. We love the Burlesque Show that regularly comes and titillates us in Northampton, but this Edinburgh show is courtesy of a different provider of Burlesquerie, Impresario Chaz Royal of London Burlesque Festival fame. He promises “an all-star roundup of the best burlesque at the Fringe. Sultry strip tease, cutting edge cabaret and vaudeville variety collide. Surprises and titillation at the ready!” Sounds good to me. Kick off is at 23:55, Assembly George Square Gardens is the place. After that, and the nine previous shows today, I’ll be ready for my bed! Still, I’ll be here with some instant reactions before turning the light off, and there’ll also be the preview for the first of our Sunday shows.

This showed how classy and sophisticated the Burlesque shows we get in Northampton are! The first and final acts got it, but the majority of the others were very rough around the edges, including possibly the most boring act I’ve ever seen. Mrs C wanted to leave halfway through – but we stayed, probably not that wisely. Ah well, you can’t win them all!

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