The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Trygve Wakenshaw: Kraken

KrakenI’m hoping that after the seriousness of the previous play Trygve Wakenshaw’s one-man Kraken performance will jolt us back into a good mood! Here’s what the blurb says about it: “Last year’s multi award-winning, critically acclaimed total sell-out returns. From award-winning Gaulier trained clown comes Trygve Wakenshaw’s physical comedy, KRAKEN. Beautifully strange stream of consciousness idiocy. Best Comedy: Adelaide Fringe 2015. Best Comedy: Perth Fringe 2015. Time Out Top 10 Shows 2014. Edinburgh Underbelly Award 2014 ‘Delirious and surreal’ ***** (Age). ‘Blissfully funny’ ***** (Time Out ).”

Trygve WakenshawThere’s not a huge amount to go on there, and even though I’ve also seen the video trailer I’m still left a little in the dark. Mr Wakenshaw looks like a young Terry-Thomas (well, a bit) and it looks as though he keeps us entertained with physical comedy and mime. This is an interesting sentence from his website: “Trygve takes the audience from fun with unicorns, to sword-swallowing, to snake charming, weight-lifting, beatboxing, self-boxing, and the birth of a baby elephant.” That’s some feat of engineering. OK I’m ready for some boxing. The show starts at 18:00 at the Underbelly Cowgate (Belly Button) and if I haven’t been head-butted by a unicorn, I’ll be back with my instant reaction shortly after 7pm. Check back to find out what our next show is too!


I’m not sure I’ve ever spent an hour in the company of a mime before but Trygve’s show is heaps of fun! I loved how he jumped from tangent to tangent, and the inventiveness of his interaction with the audience was brilliant. Tip: get in the queue early (unlike us) as the venue isn’t great for this type of performance – the rake is quite shallow and you need a clear view to appreciate everything he gets up to! Really enjoyable! 

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