The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – The Solid Life of Sugar Water

Solid Life of Sugar WaterWell there’s a play title to conjure with. What on earth can The Solid Life of Sugar Water refer to? I’ve seen an interview with the author and I suspect it’s going to have a rather sweet and sour meaning. In the meantime, here’s the blurb: “’It’s not like riding a bike. Sex. It’s far more complicated.’ Phil and Alice are in love – familiar, flawed, ordinary love. Phil and Alice are on a journey, but this journey doesn’t have an A to Z. Tender and compelling, this world premiere from award-winning playwright Jack Thorne is an unsettling play about loss and love. Jack Thorne recently adapted the cult Let the Right One In for the stage, while for television his credits include Glue, Skins and Shameless. All performances include audio description and creative captioning.”

Solid LifeSo one thing’s for sure – the play is written by an accomplished author. It’s also co-produced by the Graeae Theatre Company and Plymouth Theatre Royal so it has an excellent pedigree. Described by the author as a play about recovery, I think this is going to be hard-hitting and difficult, and I’m expecting both of us to need access to some Kleenex before it’s over. But there’s only one way to find out, and I am expecting this to be a very high quality production. It’s on at 16:00 at the Pleasance Dome – Queen Dome, and please check back again around 5.30 for our instant reactions. We’ll also have the preview blog for our next show available.


That was a very powerful play. Beautifully staged, delicately written, tackling immense subject matter head on in a very raw way. I loved how it challenges the assumptions made by two people in a sexual relationship, and I thought how it showed their relationship “journey” was completely charming. Hard-hitting, but really worth it – and two very moving performances too. 

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