The Edinburgh Fringe 3-Nighter – Spank!

SpankAnd if we make it through the day, our final show of the evening is the comedy/cabaret who knows what combination that is Spank! It’s three hours of the unexpected that will take us well into the middle of the night. Here’s the description: “Spank! returns for an incredible 11th year with sexy hosts, awesome comedians and the inevitable gratuitous nudity. With the most exciting stand-up, magic, sketch, musical comedy and cabaret talent on the Fringe, don’t miss the ‘Best Wild Night Out’ (Scotland on Sunday) at the Festival! Spank! You love it! ‘This is what the festival should be about’ (List). ‘Legendary party night… get down there right away!’ (Time Out).” I think the line-up changes nightly, so I’m not sure who’s going to be performing at this stage. It starts at midnight at the Underbelly, Cowgate, and if I make it to 3am, I’m going to be in no fit state to make any instant reactions here! Best wait till tomorrow morning I think. I will however offer you my final preview of the last show we will be seeing on Monday lunchtime. Thanks for reading today!

To my surprise, I’m still capable of dashing out a few comments at this late hour. Spank! was terrific. As it’s a different line up every night, I wish we’d gone on Friday and Saturday too. It’s hosted by James Loveridge and another very funny lady whose name I didn’t catch. Basically you get a sequence of brilliant stand ups doing late night routines, and they were all great. Nobody came forward to do the naked promo slot, so host James fell on his sword (so to speak) and flung his naked self on the floor, all five limbs flailing around in comic abandon. Other guests included Ola (who we like from seeing him at Northampton), Australian comedy genius Mickey D, funny group Four Screws Loose, and lots of others. Mrs C and I ended up playing a greater part in the proceedings than we had intended – but it was such good fun that we loved it. Damn, I’m going to miss this next week! Why would you go anywhere else late night in Edinburgh?

Update – the very funny lady who co-hosted with James was Amy Howerska.

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