The Edinburgh Fringe 3-Nighter – Frank Sent Me

Frank Sent MeNineteen shows done, one to go – and the last one is Frank Sent Me, from Em-Lou Productions. According to the description: “Underworld enforcer Howe’s not afraid to die, but it would’ve been nice if Frank had sent someone vaguely competent to do the job. Partner in life and crime Wallace isn’t doing much to ease his mind on that score, ‘they made a terrible mess of the last one. First bullet only took his ear off’. A bleakly comic Ortonesque farce by Julian Poidevin, directed by Peter Darney. Winner of Writer’s Avenue’s Best Play Award.” Anything described as Ortonesque is fine by me. I wonder how it will compare to The Babysitters, which we saw on Saturday night? It’s on at the precise time of 12:25 at the Underbelly, Bristo Square, and when it finishes around 1.30pm, I’ll try to give my final set of instant reactions – and then we’ll be on the train back down south. Thanks for following our Edinburgh journey – and if you’re at the fringe this year, have a fantastic time!

In answer to my earlier question, it’s very different from Babysitters. It’s a surprisingly sensitive tale of a man facing death, the man who’s got to kill him, and the man who has to live with the aftermath. A very black comedy, tight and tautly written, and with three excellent performances. Definitely a great choice for a lunchtime play. And a great end to our Edinburgh experience for this year.

PS I’ve written a fuller review of Frank Sent Me here if you’re interested!

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