Review – Companhia de Dança Deborah Colker at the Derngate, Northampton, 5th May

Companhia de Dança Deborah Colker I’d not seen this dance company before but had heard Very Good Things about them. And what a smashing bunch they are. Fantastic dancers, tight choreography, athletic performances, inventive staging. Particularly for me, after the interval, when they danced with mirrors. It’s impossible to describe, you have to see it for yourself; but the level of trust between the members of the company must be vast, you could see how just one foot wrong could put a whole sequence completely out.

It’s a simple idea, but not one I’ve seen before: dancing in front of a mirror, and when the dancer moves slightly to the side, a dancer behind the mirror continues their reflection. Fabulously effective.

Added to all this, dancing with knives!! They looked damn sharp too.

Pity this excellent show didn’t stop the guy in front checking the football results constantly on his Blackberry, or the two ladies further down the row continuing their conversation throughout the whole show (at top volume, obviously, otherwise they couldn’t have heard each other over the backing track); there was a grumpy woman to our side who was most put out at our request to sit in our own seats which she was obstructing; and the woman behind me who had draped her coat over the back of my seat – I gave her plenty of time to remove it while I took my coat off before sitting down but she chose to ignore it, so I plonked myself firmly against my back rest and creased it as much as I could. About five minutes later she seemed to notice and asked me to move so she could remove it.

Is it time for an acceptable audience behaviour code of conduct to be applied? Quick, please, before I turn into a Grumpy Old Man.

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