The Edinburgh Fringe Full Monty (nearly) – Day 23, 27th August 2022

Would you like to know what we’re seeing in Edinburgh today? I thought you would!

Here’s the schedule for 27th August:

12.35 – Practically Perfect! Julie Andrews from Broadway to Hollywood, Greenside @ Infirmary Street. From the Edinburgh Fringe website:

Practically Perfect“Practically Perfect! takes a light-hearted and affectionate look at the many aspects of Julie Andrews’ career and personal life, exploring the contrast between the public face of this legendary musical and movie star and the intensely private family woman. Filled with comedy, drama, and some of the best-known songs from Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and many more of her musical and film successes, the play pays tribute to her phenomenal career up until 1997 when, tragically, a controversial surgical procedure deprived her of her four-octave voice.”

Who doesn’t love a bit of Julie Andrews?! Hoping for good things from this one.

UPDATE: Julie Andrews’ life and career make for a super story but this is a curiously underpowered production. Considering we have seen so many shows this fringe that have been loudly over amplified, the singing and some of the dialogue in this show was much too quiet. And there was a strange directorial decision to have the actor playing Young Julie almost constantly on the stage with nothing to do except look bored. However, it was great to be reminded of many of Julie Andrews’ greatest entertainment moments – and I certainly wasn’t expecting to see her performance of The Physician as in the film “Star”. And I was very impressed by the attention to detail in the costumes. But this should have been much more captivating than it was. ⭐️⭐️

15.10 – Closure, Pleasance Courtyard.

Closure“Why be the bigger person when you can be the last one standing? Ink and Curtains make their Edinburgh debut hot on the heels of their first national tour with this tale of a dinner party with a dark secret. Alex and Laura quickly learn that their friend Mia may not let them all leave alive. Closure wields dark comedy and vicious catharsis to explore feminine rage, women’s rights and – more importantly – women’s wrongs.”

A dinner party gone wrong? What’s not to like! This sounds intriguing and fun.

UPDATE: Mrs Chrisparkle and I constituted the full audience! Yes, only two people in but the cast threw themselves into a great performance of a brilliant play, with very serious, challenging material, and a fabulous twist. A good old fashioned thriller, based on sexual violence. Read the trigger warnings first. We talked about it for ages afterwards! Riveting! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

18.20 – Patrick Spicer: Who’s This All of a Sudden? Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose.

Patrick Spicer“Debut hour from one of the most exciting acts on the UK comedy circuit and one of the most pathetic cringing worms (as seen on The Mash Report (BBC2), BBC3 and Channel 4 Online.) Patrick will be recounting his deepest fears and humiliations in a funny and credible way (nominated for both Chortle Best Newcomer and Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year). So if you’ve ever felt like there’s something wrong with you, come and laugh with Patrick. If not, come and laugh at Patrick.”

I’ve enjoyed the few occasions we’ve seen Patrick Spicer on TV, so here’s hoping this live show will pay dividends too.

UPDATE: Patrick has a very likeable persona and some excellent material based on his physical and mental anxieties, a lot of which many of the audience can identify and empathise with, so although he invites us to laugh at him, we laugh with him, which makes for a very convivial experience! Mind you, I think he might be a little jaded with his Fringe experience. Hang on in there,  young sir, only two shows to go! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

20.30 – Fin Taylor: Daddy Self-Care, Pleasance Dome.

Fin Taylor“Edinburgh’s favourite Guardian-approved naughty boy is back! And he’s bringing with him a brand-new hour of painfully funny stand-up for 2022. Since his last visit to the Fringe, he’s got married, had a kid and watched on with bemusement as comedy evolves into a platform for Generation Z to earnestly discuss their self-diagnosed mental health conditions. So plenty to work with. As seen on Live At The Apollo, Have I Got News For You, 8 Out of 10 Cats, The Mash Report and more. ‘Gleefully provocative, explosively funny’ **** (Guardian).”

One of the best comics around – I know this is going to be a winner!

UPDATE: There’s no doubt about it – Fin’s humour has become darker and more divisive since we last saw him. At his best, he’s hysterically funny. At his worst, you detect the rancour in his material and it simply leaves you cold, so you sit silently. A few people left during the show; that’s their prerogative, but Fin makes an issue out of it that isn’t really helpful. A tricky hour; those who loved it, really loved it. I could have done without the Ukrainian joke and the mental health observations, but that’s just me. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

22.00 – Karen from Finance is Out of Office, Underbelly Bristo Square.

Karen from Finance“Pack your calculators, save your spread sheets and set your automatic email reply because Karen from Finance is heading Out of Office! She’s hitting the road and she’s hitting it hard. Say goodbye to the 80 hour work week and jump on board the Finance Express for this one-woman journey of self-discovery… and self-annihilation. Beloved Australian drag queen Karen from Finance presents her debut one woman show Out of Office which features all of her trademark high-camp and hilarious mashups, plus all the tomfoolery you can poke a presentation pointer at.”

We saw Karen from Finance as part of the Yummy! troupe at the Fringe in 2018 – the show was ok, but I’m hoping that Karen’s own show will be better – let’s see!

UPDATE: Karen’s show is very slick and sassy, with a lot of funny moments and some great lip-synching. Not quite sure what I was expecting, but I think I was expecting something a little more. However, Karen’s clients were whooping it up something mega, so she was obviously doing something right! Perhaps I’m just getting too old for some of this stuff! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2018 – Yummy, 22nd August 2018

YummyNext is a show that’s had great reviews down under, and I’m sure will be a breath of fresh air. It’s Yummy, at Central @ Assembly Roxy, at 21:40 on Wednesday 22nd. Here’s the blurb: “Yummy, the Melbourne powerhouse of drag, dance, circus, and music, has been serving smash-hit events in numerous festivals across Australia and beyond. Yummy is the winner of Best Production and Best Ensemble (Cabaret) at the 2018 Greenroom Awards and Best Cabaret at Adelaide Fringe Weekly Awards 2018. This critically acclaimed show is directed by James Welsby and features an all-star cast: Karen From Finance, Valerie Hex, Jandruze, Zelia Rose, Hannie Helsden and Benjamin Hancock. Described as ‘a must-see’ ***** (Advertiser, Adelaide, 2018), Yummy is an absurd, fascinating, and outrageous experience.”

By the sound of it, this isn’t going to be full of shy and retiring types – I predict a riot! Check back around 11pm to see how much we enjoyed it. By then the next preview blog should be available to read too.

Yummy is a sensationally colourful and vibrant show, with terrific performers and a huge sense of fun. I particularly enjoyed the girl with the hula hoops! My only criticism is that after a while it becomes just a little samey, I’d have loved a few more comedy numbers or speciality acts. Nevertheless, highly enjoyable!