The Edinburgh Fringe Full Monty (nearly) – Day 11, 15th August 2022

Fewer shows today, as we’re meeting a friend!

Here’s the schedule for 15th August:

11.45 – Fire Signs, Pleasance Courtyard. From the Edinburgh Fringe website:

Fire Signs‘No, she’s not my sister. Unless you’re speaking astrologically.’ Second year is going to be Bobbie and Emma’s year. They’re not Freshers anymore. They’ve decorated their flat. They’ve made resolutions. And Bobbie’s in love. He’s a poet. Well, he’s an English Literature student with a substantial trust fund, but who wants to get bogged down in that? Following a sold-out performance at the Festival of New Theatre, the EUTC’s Fire Signs follows Bobbie and Emma through a chaotic year, as new boyfriends and ghosts-of-Freshers-past test whether their friendship is really written in the stars.

Sounds like it should be fun – although I’m an earth sign, so we may clash… I’ll tell you later!

UPDATE: Something of a curate’s egg this one. Whoever it was that played Bobbie is an excellent actor and did a first rate job. Some of the other characterisations were very caricature-based, but that is how they were written – rather patchily. Whilst some of the scenes successfully progressed the plot and increased our understanding of the characters, some fell flat. By the way, Taurus and Sagittarius isn’t always a terrible mix – Mrs Chrisparkle and I have that blend and we’ve been together since 1986! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

14.10 – Dorian, C Arts C Venues C Aquila.

Dorian“A striking and stylised imagining of Oscar Wilde’s gothic masterpiece: the picture of Dorian Gray transforms into a malevolent horror as its inspiration remains untouched and beautiful. This supernatural gift begins a dark descent for Dorian as he recklessly pursues pleasure and vice, leaving destruction in his wake. Thrilling drama, daring movement and music combine to bring this visceral new production to life. KCS Theatre Co have established themselves as an Edinburgh Fringe favourite with their unique brand of fearless theatrical storytelling and sparkling talent. ‘Theatre at its most effective’ (”

Few works inspire others to spin off them more than Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Gray, I hope they do it justice!

UPDATE: Well, there’s dramatic and there’s dramatic, but this is super-dramatic! Incredibly intense, Dorian is a powerful, strongly-building adaptation that has you on the edge of your seat. I’d go so far to say this is a better adaptation of Wilde’s original than Matthew Bourne’s Dorian Gray. Some excellent performances, brilliant stagecraft – the fight scenes are superb – all topped off with a stunning lighting and sound design. A mini-masterpiece! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

16.55 – Three Women and Shakespeare’s Will, The Space @ Surgeon’s Hall.

Three Women and Shakespeare's Will“After the death of her husband, Will Shakespeare, Anne Hathaway is visited by two women with shocking revelations. Both claim to have known her husband very intimately and each wants a share of Will’s will. Are they telling the truth and, if so, what should Anne do? Inspired by historical characters this comedy shows another side of the Bard and the women in his life. The twist is astonishing! Starring Julia Munrow, Sarah Archer and Emma Hopkins. Written by award-winning playwright, Joan Greening. Five 5-star reviews for last year’s Fringe show, Rossetti’s Women.”

A fun premise for a play, I expect there will be a lot of punning on will and Will, so I hope it doesn’t get in the way of some decent writing!

UPDATE: Oh dear! No punning on Will and will. In fact, a very drab script creates a very static, dull play, unimaginatively written. Didn’t care for the acting. The story deserved much more. Definitely a no from us. ⭐️