The Edinburgh Fringe Full Monty (nearly) – Day 9, 13th August 2022

A heavy day of comedy? Sure looks that way!

Here’s the schedule for 13th August:

13.10 – The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much, Pleasance Dome. From the Edinburgh Fringe website:

Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much“Wes Anderson meets Hitchcock meets spaghetti western in this multi award-winning, intercontinental, inter-genre, cinematic caper of accusations, accidents and accents. Roger, a Frenchman in 1960’s New York, has followed the same routine for years, until a minor delay saves him from an explosion. Throwing his ordered world into chaos, Roger chases his would-be assassins around the globe. Raucously funny and endlessly inventive, this Lecoq-trained company delights and stuns with live original music and virtuosic acrobatics in this fast-paced, Offies-nominated whodunnit. ‘Razor-sharp’ ***** ( ‘Stunning’ ***** ( Winner: LET/Greenwich Award, 2020.”

I’m expecting some riotous physical comedy with this show, so here’s hoping!

UPDATE: With great plotting, beautifully performed and immaculate choreography, this is a very clever piece of work that tells an amusing espionage tale that really warms the heart of the audience. Loads of brilliant physical theatre make this show something special. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

16.00 – Laura Davis: If This Is It Monkey Barrel Comedy.

Laura Davis“Most Outstanding Show nominee at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022. Laura Davis is internationally acclaimed as one of the strongest, most distinctive comedy voices around. Bold, hilarious and razor sharp, Davis delivers extraordinary stand-up that subverts expectation at every turn. ‘This is laughter that takes power away from the darkness… **** (Time Out on If This is It). ‘Decidedly defiant and damn funny’ **** (Age on If This Is It). ‘Bold and ambitious and very funny…’ **** ( on If This Is It). ‘Genuinely brilliant stand-up’ (, Recommended Shows 2019). ‘Indescribable’ **** (Fest).”

Laura Davis is a new name to us, but these reviews sing her praises highly, so I’m looking forward to finding our what she’s all about!

UPDATE: Laura Davis has a great attacking style, and with a strong voice like hers, she doesn’t need a microphone. Crammed with very relevant and funny material, Laura assassinates many aspects of modern life, including the farming of stupid people as fodder for populist politicians. Not difficult to see why she’s successful back in Australia! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

17.50 – Crybabies: Bagbeard, Pleasance Dome.

Crybabies“Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the woods… Join James (still tall), Ed (less handsome) and Michael (???) on a sci-fi infected narrative sketch adventure about finding home, forbidden love, monsters, mystery and massive regret. Dave’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Newcomer nominee, 2019. ‘Highly impressive’ **** (Guardian). ‘High concept farce of the first order’ **** (Telegraph). ‘Out-there originality’ **** ( ‘A wave of absurdist wonderment’ **** (Skinny). ‘Clever and genuinely funny’ ***** (

Never come across the Crybabies before, so it’s a bit of a punt, but these reviews do look good!

UPDATE: I don’t know if it’s because I was expecting a sketch show, rather than one long story, but try as I might I just couldn’t get my head into this show. The venue was packed with fans who adored every minute of it; I think their noisy admiration for the performers somehow set me against them, and I found it left me cold, which was really weird. Very very silly, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it just created a universe I couldn’t inhabit. Not for me. ⭐️⭐️

20.00 – Marcus Brigstocke: Absolute Shower, Pleasance Dome.

Marcus Brigstocke“Before launching his huge national tour, multi award-winning comedian Marcus brings this blisteringly funny hour of stand-up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. ‘Devilishly Funny’ ( This joyful show celebrates the personal triumphs and small victories of the past couple of years… while acknowledging it has, in so many ways, on so many days, for the most part, been an absolute shower of shit. ‘Charming, hilarious and utterly refreshing. Don’t miss this incredible show’ (Sunday Mirror).”

Rachel Parris last night, Marcus Brigstocke this. How odd! Always enjoy seeing Mr Brigstocke, I’m sure he’ll be as great as always.

UPDATE: Another show where the subject of stupid people comes up! Marcus Brigstocke is on brilliant form, an hour full of political satire and happy lockdown memories. I particularly loved his observation about consent issues for single people today. Extremely funny, always a pleasure. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

22.10 – Raves R Us, Underbelly, Cowgate.

Raves R Us“Naughty Corner Productions’ eighth show promises to be the immersive event of the year. Toys R Us has closed down for good, leaving Charlie and his mates unemployed, depressed and searching for any escape from this rundown bigot-lead society. Charlie’s vision arrives fully formed. They have an abandoned warehouse, an abandoned nation… it’s time to make a sanctuary, an escape… a Rave. Inspired from a true story out of Hounslow, London. Raves R Us will combine your favourite Naughty Corner features along with an immersive setting and atmosphere to create the most energetic, original night of theatre.

They promise immersive comedy – I’m up for that!

UPDATE: This was an odd one! 90% of the audience were expecting a rave and for much of the time, they got what they wanted – and were deliriously happy with the result. Personally, it was one of those shows where I felt 30 years too old – even though I’m most definitely not! – and I would have liked a stronger narrative. Can’t fault the commitment and energy of the incredible performers though. Note: if you hand a supersoaker to an audience member, they’re bound to turn it on someone in the audience who’s annoyed them, so don’t be surprised when Security gets involved during the performance (yeah, that happened!) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️