Review – Screaming Blue Murder, Derngate, Northampton, 26th November

Angie McEvoySo for the second time, the Screaming Blue Murder was held on a Friday and there was barely a seat available. And what a terrific line up it was, probably the most consistently funny show of all of these we have seen.

Our compere (presumably last minute as not as billed online) was in fact a commere, Angie McEvoy. This gave the whole evening a distinct flavour of its own. Her style is rather quiet and laid back, whereas all the other acts were hi-energy fast and furious types, so it made for a good contrast. She did some great gags, including making up to the 18 year old boy in the front row and suggesting he took her up to her bedroom where she would give his room such a tidy. Halfway through the evening she got a major heckle which she handled brilliantly.

Chris MartinFirst act was Chris Martin, who we have seen before. I remembered some of his routine but not all, and I’m sure he did a lot of new stuff. Very funny, the kind of guy you easily identify with, very confident, made it look effortless.

Nick Doody Second was Nick Doody who I think was my favourite of the night, I loved his routines about not having children, or maybe you would if you could give them back no strings attached within three years; his humour completely struck a chord with me and I loved it.

Simon FoxLast was Simon Fox, who played more of a persona but was still excellent, involving balloons and the banjo but still being really funny. He must have run through the best part of 500 jokes in forty minutes.

One more of these shows before Christmas, looking forward to it!

Review – Screaming Blue Murder, Underground, Northampton, Jan 28th 2010

We just love going to these comedy evenings at the Derngate. It’s incredible value for money. £12 on the door; £11 in advance; £10 if (like me) you’re an “Enjoy” member. You get a compere, three comedy acts, and two intervals means you get to have a nice drink with it too. Ah the simple pleasures of life.

Dan EvansLast Thursday, we had Dan Evans as the compere. He normally is. His delivery is fast and engaging, he interacts smartly and inventively with the audience and he is definitely Someone To Look Forward To. He does however ALWAYS do the same joke about having a wakeup call at the hotel. Hilarious first time; remembered it with affection the second time; several times on now I just let the other people who haven’t heard it before laugh.

Ava VidalFirst act was Ava Vidal; she has a very clever deadpan delivery which makes the content of her routine stand out. It’s very well thought out, full of funny observations and with a lot of self-deprecation. Not ROFL belly laugh, but extremely wry. Typical material: she is confronted by her 15 year old daughter determined to go out late at night to get drunk in a park. She says her daughter ought to act more responsibly. “Oh yeah I guess you were always responsible when you were 15 Mum”. “Of course I was” she replies, “I stayed at home, looking after you and your brother.”

Chris Martin Second was Chris Martin; a young man who I read is expected to Do Great Things In The Future. Less content than Ava Vidal, but with a more traditional standup delivery. It may be a boy/girl thing but I preferred him to Ava, and Mrs Chrisparkle preferred Ava to him.

Martin Davis Last act was Martin Davis. Very little content to his routine, just bouncing off the audience, which he did tremendously well. Highest rating on the giggleometer of the night – although the final glass of wine always helps an act.

Overall a very enjoyable evening but not a great one. We’ve seen better comedy nights, we’ve seen worse. Maybe we weren’t quite sufficiently warmed up at the beginning? Not sure. Anyway there’s another one in a couple of weeks time. I shall compare. But I won’t compere. That would be asking too much.