The Edinburgh Fringe Full Monty (nearly) – Day 22, 26th August 2022

A good mix of comedy and theatre arranged for Edinburgh today!

Here’s the schedule for 26th August:

Word of mouth is the most important thing at the Fringe, and friends told us we must see Wilf at the Traverse Theatre. So we’re fitted it in this morning!

UPDATE: That rare thing – a comedy that is extraordinarily creative in its subject matter, confronts headfirst disturbing issues like domestic abuse and mental illness, and is also jaw-achingly funny. Beautifully staged and performed by Michael Dylan, Irene Allan and Neil John Gibson, there’s no way this play won’t have a life beyond the Fringe. Absolutely magnificent! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

14.20 – Sooz Kempner: PlayStation, PBH’s Free Fringe @ Banshee Labyrinth. From the Edinburgh Fringe website:

Sooz Kempner“Twitter sensation Sooz (BBC Radio 4, BT Sport, BBC Radio 5 Live) got a PlayStation, the first adult console, in 1998 and finally felt grown-up. But is she? A stand-up show for anyone who remembers the 90s and had big dreams as a kid. Suitable for gamers and non-gamers alike! ‘A new wave of comedy’ (Guardian). ‘Incredible… it shouldn’t work but it really, really does’ (Independent). ‘Brilliant’ (LA Times). Comedy Central Top Shows of the Fringe 2018. **** (Fest). **** (Broadway World). **** ( **** ( **** (Stage).”

Never seen Sooz Kempner before but have heard great things, so we’re looking forward to this one.

UPDATE: Very funny – I thought we might be at a disadvantage knowing nothing about computer games, but Sooz used them as a springboard for lots of other brilliant material, all based on that natural unwillingness to grow up. Extremely funny and inventive, and excellent use of pre-recorded material. Our first time seeing Sooz Kempner, but definitely not our last. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

16.10 – Antiques, Greenside @ Nicolson Square.

Antiques“The Griffen Collective present Antiques by Ted Smethurst. Worn out by the city, young couple Sam and Lucy move to the countryside, searching for a peaceful rural lifestyle. They arrive in the village of Little Dickingsworth: picture perfect and untouched by modern life. The villagers like it that way and don’t take kindly to change. Perhaps Little Dickingsworth is not as charming as it appears and your new neighbours don’t play nice with strangers.”

This sounds rather League of Gentlemen-ish, which isn’t really our cup of tea, but we’re giving it a risky punt.

UPDATE: Should have followed my natural caution on this one. An attempt to recreate a League of Gentleman-type nightmare village with a range of weirdo inhabitants. Not sure if it had any further point than that – and it proves just how hard it is to be The League of Gentlemen. Mrs C slept blissfully through most of it. The sad thing is that you can see a lot of effort went into this; but it really was not good. ⭐️

17.50 – Pillows, The Space on North Bridge.

Pillows“On a normal bed, in a normal bedroom, two normal university students try to figure out their place in the world – and their place in each other’s lives. They’ve known each other since they were 15. They’re pretty sure of that. But they’re on the brink of adulthood now – life changes and there’s so much that should have been said long ago. A single conversation that drifts between love, sex, Bowie, break-ups and Adam Sandler, Pillows is a new one-act play that wanders through the murky depths of teenage love without leaving one boy’s bedroom.”

Hoping for some entertaining and thought-provoking drama here, let’s hope I’m right.

UPDATE: Amazing flowing conversational acting, an intimate meeting of two people who can’t live together and can’t live apart. Superb performances from Eve Billington and Aaron Garland – fantastic young actors in the making! If I have a criticism, it would be that the play itself is a little repetitive, and it ends where it begins; I’m not sure if the characters make any real progress. But what an acting feat! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

19.50 – There’s No Mystery in Murder! The Space on the Mile.

There's no Mystery in Murder“Murder has come to Rothersdale, where nothing ever happens. A local councillor is found dead after his plan to build a big supermarket creates unrest. A jaded city detective with an unblemished record for solving crime and an enthusiastic local cop desperate to prove herself must unwillingly team up to crack the case. Will they stop the murderer before they strike again? Northern Corner’s four-person cast bring an entire village of unhinged locals to life in this countryside crime caper, a new Yorkshire musical!”

Another comedy murder show – this time a musical, which should make it stand out!

UPDATE: Entertaining and nicely written compact little musical where our gallant Policewoman solves three murders in a sleepy Yorkshire town. The songs are surprisingly good! It’s a shame that one member of the cast wasn’t quite a vocally perfect as the others; but it was good fun – and I’m still humming one of the tunes to myself! ⭐️⭐️⭐️