The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2019 – (Some)Body, 24th August 2019

(Some)BodyNow for some thought-provoking and atmospheric dance, with Alyona Ageeva’s PosleSlov Theatre’s production of (Some)Body at C Venues – C Aquila – Temple at 15:25 on Saturday 24th. Let’s read the blurb: “Does a body make us human? Does it have a soul? What hides beneath nudity? What is nudity itself? Nudity is extreme openness and vulnerability and, at the same time, an incomprehensible power connected not only with sexuality. The magic of Eros, the compelling power of nudity, the way up and the way down, transcendence and co-creation, fragility and strength. Life, death, pain and love – all of this complex and unspeakable physical phenomenon is what we are researching in (Some)Body. ‘Hypnotic’ (Guardian). ‘Bold, sensitive and meaningful’ ( ‘Compelling’ ***** (

We saw this company last year with their creative Sky Labyrinths and it was excellent. Check back around 4.30 pm to see if this production is too. By then the next preview blog should be available to read too.

A very interesting piece for number of reasons. At first the dynamic is full of impact and tension; but after a while you sense that there is no sense of progress or development. Choreographically it’s largely slow and stylised, and totally devoid of expression. In one sense, that’s disappointing, in another that’s what the whole show is about. Thought-provoking for sure; it could have gone even further.

The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2018 – Sky Labyrinths, 20th August 2018

Sky LabyrinthsLast year we only saw one dance show at Edinburgh; and weirdly, the same thing has happened this year. Not sure why that is, as I’m very fond of contemporary dance! Anyway this year’s chosen dance show is Alyona Ageeva Physical Theatre Posleslov’s production of Sky Labyrinths at Forest Theatre @ Greenside @ Infirmary Street, at 11:35 on Monday 20th. Here’s the blurb: “’I looked up in the skies. The Sky river changed its bed’ (Hattori Ransetsu). Once in a lifetime Sky Labyrinths open to everyone, but not everyone risks entering. These labyrinths are home to beauty and terror at the same time. They reveal the eternal secrets of the universe and pages of the books unwritten: there you can find your essence or get lost forever. It’s a road with no beginning or ending, a river of time carrying humans’ destiny. Those who come through these labyrinths will never be the same again.”

I’ve read reviews of other dance works by this company and they sound fascinating and expertly performed. Apart from that, I’m not sure what to expect! Check back when it’s finished at around 12.40pm to see what we thought of it. By then the nextpreview blog should be available to read too.

Sometimes, Fringe contemporary dance can be a little hit and miss. This, however, was superb. The strength, control and artistry of this company was amazing. A clever reinterpretation of the Adam and Eve story, including surprise appearance of God and a rainbow kilted violinist. Absolutely compelling.