The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2016 – 10 Things I Hate About UKIP, 27th August 2016

10 Things I Hate
Sadly the production of Irons I had been hoping to see was cancelled the day before which left us with a gap to fill in our programme. Mrs Chrisparkle had noticed that 10 Things I Hate About UKIP was getting great word-of-mouth reviews and everyone said you had to get there early to be sure of a seat. So we arrived at T-Bar a good 45 minutes before it was due to start; but twenty minutes later the queue had already got longer than the venue could accommodate, and Joe Wells was regretfully turning people away. Why was it so successful? Let’s read the blurb: “Joe Wells believes that you should treat all people with love and respect, but does that include UKIP voters? Follow up to the critically acclaimed **** (, **** ( debut show, Night of The Living Tories, Wells presents an hour of stand-up about trying to love people whose politics you hate. ‘Some of the most surprising and thought-provoking material coming from any comedian’ (Guardian). ‘A hidden gem of the Fringe’ ( ‘Recommended’ (Heat Magazine). Seen supporting Alexei Sayle and Frankie Boyle, heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra. Warning: contains graphic descriptions of Nigel Farage.”

Joe WellsNo wonder this is a word-of-mouth success. I’m always appreciative of intelligent, well thought out political comedy, and there’s loads of that to appreciate! Cunningly structured, Joe starts with the self-satisfied smugness of “I’m left wing so I’m a nice person” and self-deprecatingly gives us example after example of why he’s actually not. Really clever and funny stuff – top quality political stand-up!