The Edinburgh Fringe All Month Long – 17th August 2023

Have I got some Edinburgh shows for you? Yes, I have! And another friend to meet!

Here’s the schedule for 17th August:

11.40 – Loft Clearance, Greenside @ Nicolson Square. From the Edinburgh Fringe website:

Loft Clearance“What do we keep? What do we let go? Join Eileen as she rummages through a hundred years’ worth of possessions that have accumulated in her loft. It’s like finding an old diary but in physical form. Will she cling on? Or will she let go? But where will these pieces of her go to? Enjoy 50 minutes of light-hearted despair as the clearance unfolds.

As someone who’s not very good and getting rid of those things I don’t need any more, I’m hoping to pick up some advice and tips!

13.40 – Long Long Long Live, Greenside @ Infirmary Street.

Long Long Long Live“We invite you to watch our very raw, honest and unfiltered tragicomedy show. A somewhat parody of the hypocrisy of human beings in today’s society. Particularly on the 19th September 2022, when our show takes place. While nearly 200,000 million British pounds were spent on the Queen’s funeral, the UK was approaching its highest level of inflation in the last four decades. We want to laugh, cry and scream about the cost of living with you before we’re all dead. New writing. New creatives. New perspective. A sincere reflection of our own experiences. Join us!”

It’s unsurprising that the cost of living crisis should raise its ugly head at Edinburgh, and I need to see how it is incorporated into this play. Still haven’t decided if the “live” in the title is pronounced with a long or short i!

15.20 – Adam Flood: Remoulded, Monkey Barrel Comedy (The Hive).

Adam Flood“Ay up ducks, it’s me (fella doing the show). An hour of stand-up about reinvention with a few tricks* up its sleeve. Last year I had an award-nominated work in progress, so this is gonna be decent I reckon, especially if you come. Get on Stoke-on-Trent’s premium cultural export, in my debut show. Critics are already calling it ‘please stop emailing’ and ‘unsubscribe’. Seen on ITV2’s The Stand Up Sketch Show. Winner: Bath Festival New Comedian, 2022. BBC New Comedy Award nominee, 2019. Amused Moose Best Edinburgh Show nominee, 2022. *Spent whole budget on an autotune pedal.”

Adam Flood seems like a likeable enough chap so I’m looking forward to seeing what he does!

16.45 – Kevin Precious: The Reluctant Teacher, Laughing Horse @ The Counting House.

Kevin Precious“Kevin Precious used to be a teacher. He enjoyed the teaching part. He just didn’t enjoy all of the other stuff that went with it. So he decided to leave and get his life back. Join him as he explores the foibles of his former profession including the odd pedagogical swipe (phew!) in the process. ‘Instantly recognisable stage presence and boundless wit’ (Leicester Mercury). ‘Kevin’s stage charisma and poise set him head and shoulders above the previous acts’ (Times).”

We’ve seen Kevin Precious a few years ago working this material up into a show and he’s a very funny guy! I’m sure there will be lots of laughs here.

22.15 – Mark Thomas: Gaffa Tapes, The Stand Comedy Club.

Mark Thomas“Oh for God’s sake. I have done this for 38 years. A career full of the usual stuff, telly, awards, radio. Also court cases, sacked politicians and Guinness Book of World Records certificates. You either like me or you don’t. If you don’t know what I do, ask an old person. I rant, tell jokes, sing some songs, swear a lot and urge the audience to join the comedic equivalent of the Red Army Faction. Basically don’t come if you’re a Tory unless you actually want to be a hostage. Everyone else welcome. Everyone else loved.”

We saw Mark Thomas live for the first time last year and I was blown apart by his skill and material – and it’s so good to have a decent comic with his heart in the right place – and a fondness for old music hall songs!

Check back later to see how we enjoyed all these shows!

2 thoughts on “The Edinburgh Fringe All Month Long – 17th August 2023

  1. Mark Thomas was evolving his edgy style on the stand up circuit when I worked for Screaming Blue Murder in 1990. Such an intelligent comic of substantial material. He was an act other comics would stick around to watch. That was a great year on the circuit and included other brilliant talent like Kevin Day, Eddie Izzard, Lee Evans, and John Hegley…who I believe also has a show at Edinburgh this year. And what a year for political humor – the end of Maggie!

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