Happy Christmas!

Steiff SantaHello everyone! Just a few words from me to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – it’s been another rollercoaster with this bloomin’ virus but if you’re reading this, congratulations for having got through another year. We are/were planning to go to London to see a few shows between Christmas and New Year – at this point in time, who knows if that will happen?! And as for 2022…. will there be a proper Edinburgh Fringe? Will there be easy foreign travel? Even a Leicester Comedy Festival? Don’t ask me – I gave up epidemiology at O level.

Santa in a glitter bush - bought this at a village sale in the early 1970s

So stay safe, but support the arts if you can – wear an FFP2 mask in the theatre and cinema to protect both yourself and others.

Santa on the floor - when you bounce him he goes "ho ho ho Merry Christmas"

Blog plans for next year including hopefully finishing both my Agatha Christie Challenge – not many books to go now, just six “proper” books and a few posthumous wraps and scraps, and I have 29 short stories left in my Points of View Challenge. I’m aware I’ve fallen badly behind on my James Bond Challenge – I just can’t get around to seeing the films! I’d also like to get further into my George Orwell Challenge, and maybe start a new Challenge (or two?!) It all depends on what the Coronavirus does to the theatres. Less theatre, more challenges; more theatre, fewer challenges – simples. Whatever – normal blogging service will hopefully be resumed on Tuesday 4th January. Thanks for reading my stuff – I appreciate it! Take care all πŸ™‚

Laughing Policeman - my oldest decoration - belonged to my father's parents and is at least 100 years old


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