Lockdown Armchair Travel – Austria – Vienna in 1989

Welcome back for another quick session of Armchair Travel. In addition to Argentina and Australia, A is also for Austria. I’ve been there twice; most recently for Eurovision in 2015. But Mrs Chrisparkle took a two-week holiday to the Tyrol back in 1989, staying at Söll, and whilst there we had a few day trips, one of which was to Vienna. Here are a few pictorial memories of that entertaining day!

So what do you think of, when you think of Vienna? Maybe the Prater Big Wheel, that features so memorably in The Third Man? It was the first place we visited.

Or maybe you think of delicious cakes – and why wouldn’t you? Here’s the Café Landtmann, home to the Sachertorte, with Mrs C posing decorously outside.


There’s the stunning Schönbrunn Palace, where you can easily spend a day wandering around the gardens and the house.


Maybe you think of music? Mozart is more Salzburg, really, but they still like to revere him wherever possible.


All the Arts are well catered for in Vienna. Here’s the Hofburgtheater.


Vienna is full of beautiful architecture. I think my favourite is the vivid roof decoration of St Stephen’s Cathedral.


But everywhere is grand, formal, stately and deliciously sophisticated. The Hofburg:


The State Opera (you can see it behind the tram wires!)


The Rathaus.


Heldenplatz Square.


And finally, here’s me outside my holiday home in Vienna. Nothing showy.


Hope you enjoyed that little tour of Vienna, 31 years ago. My next blog post tomorrow will be going back to the theatre and reliving the shows I saw between 1972 and 1976. See you then!

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