Lockdown Armchair Travel – Argentina – Buenos Aires

For reasons that are all too familiar, gentle reader, those of us with Wanderlust and Itchy Feet aren’t going anywhere in a hurry. Our travel plans for 2020 – which included a driving tour of Scotland and another trip to India – are in the bin – and I guess yours are too. So I thought it might be fun to ransack a few old albums and share some holiday snaps from some of the places we’ve been lucky enough to visit.

A is for Argentina, and its capital Buenos Aires. We went there as part of a South American tour in 2011, and I really fell in love with Buenos Aires. I still hold out hopes of returning one day. Here are a few pictorial memories of three days in September Argentine sunshine!

So what do you think of, when you think of Buenos Aires? Eva Peron, perhaps?


She’s everywhere. There’s a museum to her memory; there’s her grave:


Nicely understated – NOT! She’s even at the top of buildings!


Or perhaps you think of football. They don’t mind who you support – so long as it isn’t Brazil!


Maybe it’s the Argentine Tango. Tango can break out anywhere, anytime. You can be just having a nice lunch in the sunshine, and then this happens:


On a more sombre note, there’s also the Memorial to those who fell in the Falklands War, with a daily Changing of the Guard ceremony.


Buenos Aires also has a great maritime tradition:


And, as you might expect, religion plays an important part too.


And they do love their steak! Bit of a nightmare for vegetarians…


I loved it as a vibrant, quirky, and very friendly city. So much to enjoy!






And like any Evita fan, I got to stand outside the Casa Rosada and cried “Eva Peron!” Don’t think the locals noticed.


If you’d like to read more about our Buenos Aires escapade, I wrote it up in a blogpost that you can find here. Tomorrow, I hope to blog about the first ten professional shows I ever saw – that’s going back a bit! Stay safe and cheers for now!

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