The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2019 – The Believers are but Brothers, 22nd August 2019

The Believers are but BrothersAn unfortunately early start for us but this first play sounds gripping. It’s Javaad Alipoor’s The Believers are but Brothers, at Assembly George Square Studios 2, at 11:00 on Thursday 22nd. Here’s the blurb: “From the postcolonial Middle East, to the EU and USA, old orders are collapsing. Tech-savvy extremist groups are ripping up rulebooks while a generation of young men burn with resentment and unfulfilled self-entitlement whilst falling into online worlds of fantasy, violence and reality. Fresh from the UK premiere of it’s BBC4 adaptation, this Scotsman Fringe First (2017) winner returns for a limited run. ‘Complex… masterly… one of the most fascinating shows I have seen in an age’ ***** (Financial Times). Part of the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2019. Originally co-commissioned by HOME, Transform and Ovalhouse.”

After yesterday’s late night I hope we’re able to get our act together and get out to see this morning play because it sounds totally fascinating. There’s a WhatsApp element to watching this play which sounds extremely curious! Check back shortly after 12.15 pm to see if we enjoyed it. By then the next preview blog should be available to read too.

A fascinating and gripping show, not only because of its horrendous subject matter but also its brilliant use of multimedia. The thing I got most out of it was that this depicted possibly the greatest use of the Internet for evil. Superb, thought provoking experience.

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