The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2019 – Level Up, 20th August 2019

Level UpNext is a very intriguing and potentially superb play. It’s Full Breakfast Productions and New Celts Productions’ Level Up at Space 3 @ TheSpace on the Mile, at 14:05 on Tuesday 20th. This is what the blurb says: “Newly engaged Jimmy and Natasha feel they’re the perfect match. However, the state-controlled social credit system thinks otherwise. Jimmy has two weeks to improve his score or the couple face eviction. Is it possible to be both model citizen and model partner? And how far is Jimmy willing to go to become the person the state wants? Inspired by China’s social credit system, Level Up explores a near-future utopia where real love is impossible to measure, doing good becomes an obsession and not everyone plays by the rules.”

This sounds like a very creative and alarming mildly futuristic play – a reality that could be just around the corner. Hope they do a good job of it! We’ve seen New Celts Productions before and they’ve always been excellent. Check back around 3.30 pm to see what it was like. By then the next preview blog should be available to read too.

Nicely constructed and performed, the play shows how a totalitarian state can get way out of hand and destroy the relationships of its inhabitants. Smart work by all and very enjoyable!

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