The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2018 – Mr Thing, 18th August 2018

MrthingWe don’t normally do more than four shows on our first day – which means our last show of the day is Mr Thing, at the Pleasance Courtyard (Forth) at 23:40 on Saturday 18th. This is how it’s described on the website: “The live, chaotic, comedy chat show Thing. Join the late-night mayhem of Mr Thing and the studio house band as they dive into a world of special guests, live music, interviews, sketches, games and jingles. A different line-up every night… all in the name of celebrating fun and interesting things with fun and interesting people, who made the things!”

Mr ThingI’ve been recommended this show by my friend Dave Tozer who last year co-wrote and co-presented with Abigail Burdess in her Abigail’s Party show at Edinburgh. So it had better be good, or we will be having words. Actually, it does look like lots of unpredictable, anarchic fun, and I understand no two shows are the same – so I’m looking forward to it! Check back shortly after 1am to see my initial feedback as to how much we enjoyed it. By then the next preview blog, for tomorrow morning’s first show, should be available to read too.

Well that was a very manic way to spend an hour! Part chat show, part game show, you never knew where it was going to take you next. The guests were Elliott Bibby who did some great magic, and comedy songsters Hot Gay Time Machine. I loved Puppet Steve, but best of all was the good natured members of the public who threw themselves into whatever was demanded of them!

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