The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2017 – Penthouse, 26th August 2017

PenthouseI’m expecting our next play to tell a fascinating story of a gifted, lucky life turned to dross. It’s Penthouse at theSpace on Niddry St (Lower) at 16:45 on Saturday 26th. Let’s read the blurb: “Ewan is one of the country’s most intelligent young bankers. However he’s just lost close to £1.4 billion of investors’ money in an illegal trade he should not have made. His plan? Hire the penthouse of a hotel and indulge in a blowout before ending it all. Everything is turned upside down when he meets an escort called Eloise. Sex, drugs and depression blur Ewan’s perception of reality. Penthouse offers an insight into the world of bankers and the pressure they face that can lead them to take their own lives.”

Penthouse 2In this day and age it asks a lot of an audience to feel sorry for a banker, but I wonder if this might just do it. Written by and featuring Ed Brody, the remainder of the cast are Cat Lamb, Ryan Hutton and Dario Coates. Check back around 6 pm to see what we thought of it. By then the next preview blog should be available to read too.

Great little play, and acted with tremendous attack and class. All four characters are totally convincing and the four actors all put in fantastic performances. I was really hoping for a different ending…. but I guess its resolution is the most credible. On reflection, it’s a shame that the promotional material gives away a substantial part of the plot, which the text actually nicely hides until a final reveal. Still, an excellent show.

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