The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2017 – Black Mountain, 24th August 2017

Black MountainAfter a lot of comedy it’s about time we saw something substantial and meaty and I think this will fill the bill! It’s Paines Plough’s production of Black Mountain, at Roundabout @ Roundabout @ Summerhall, at 13:25 on Thursday 24th. Here’s the blurb: “Rebecca and Paul are running away. Away from memories and mistakes. They’re trying to save their relationship. They need time and space. An isolated house in the country is the perfect place to work things out. But you can’t run forever. Especially when you’re being followed. Black Mountain is a tense psychological thriller about betrayal and forgiveness by Fringe First winner and recipient of the prestigious Harold Pinter Commission, Brad Birch.”

This sounds like it should be very eerie and suspenseful as well as serious and substantial! It stars Hasan Dixon, Katie Elin-Salt, and Sally Messham. Check back around 3 pm to see if we enjoyed it. By then the next preview blog should be available to read too.

My word but that was suspenseful! All credit to the fourth member of the cast, the lighting technician, for adding such an eerie and often scary atmosphere. A beautifully written and constructed play that sends shivers up your spine and has a brilliant, dramatic climax that could be interpreted in so many ways. Absolutely top performances and riveting drama.

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