The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2016 – The Meeting, 21st August 2016

The MeetingTime for another play, and this one sounds like a situation we can all recognise; The Meeting, produced by At Large Theatre Company, at Grassmarket 2@ Sweet Grassmarket, at 21:30 on Sunday 21st. This is how the blurb describes it: “That meeting that we’ve all been to. The one featuring an array of interesting colleagues that make up an office workplace; the crazy one, the grumpy one, the smart-ass one, the eager beaver and the long suffering glue that holds the place together. This piece brings these characters together in a meeting scenario where they can lay all their craziness out on the table. Until it takes a nasty turn and the flip chart gets it!”

Gráinne CuristanWritten and directed by Gráinne Curistan, and with a cast comprising: Ann Hogan, Elaine Reynolds, Gillian Fitzgerald, Daniel O’Brien, Kate Feeney, Michael O’Kelly, Brendan Rooney and John O’Rourke. When I told Mrs Chrisparkle what this play was about she shuddered with anticipatory fear. Hopefully there’ll be some shuddering due to laughter too. Check back around 10.30 to see if we’re still shuddering and by then the preview blog for our final show for Sunday should be available to read too.

Post-show update:

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been to a work meeting, but boy did that bring it all back! From the vacuous ditsy one to the up-herself officious one and everything else in between – this is full of excellent observational comedy and the toe curling embarrassment of recognition. I was kinda hoping for a bigger bang at the ending perhaps but it was still great fun and beautifully performed. 

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