The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Titus Andronicus

Titus AndronicusFlushed from his success at his own Spoken Word event earlier this evening, we will hopefully have met up with our friends Lord Liverpool and the Countess of Cockfosters for a couple of late night shows. The first is Titus Andronicus, but it isn’t as straightforward as all that. There are four (yes four, count them!) productions of Titus Andronicus at this year’s Fringe, but the one we’re going to is produced by Tripped Theatre. Here’s the promotional blurb: “Tripped Theatre returns once more to the Fringe with a stripped back production of Shakespeare’s bloodiest revenge tragedy in a glamorous and deliciously filthy adaptation that will thrill, revolt and force you to simultaneously love and loathe the flock of flawed characters it portrays. Titus comes back from war as a damaged and reluctant celebrity forced into his nation’s limelight, but his dreadful thirst for revenge sends him and his enemies on a vicious spiral into madness and destruction. This captivating monochrome production proves that this tragedy is much more than simply black and white.”

Thomas BarryI’ve read an account by the director of their justification for the script editing and the cross-gender casting that this production will use – and I must say it sounds fascinating. I’m not overly familiar with this play – I believe da Lord and da Countess will know it much more than me – but I’m liking the sound of the adaptation. Tripped Theatre are now in their third year of presenting at the Fringe, and I sense they create thoughtfully created and thought-provoking productions of classic plays, which sounds just up my street. It begins at 22:10 at the Space at Venue 45, so please check back around 11.15 to see how gory this Titus was. And then you can also find out where we’ll be for our final Fringe show this year. 


Not too gory, and milking the sick comedy of one of Shakespeare’s, let’s face it, stupider plays. Lavinia being played by a hairy little chap added an unusual dimension, and Titus’ meeting with “Revenge, Murder and Rapine” was played with great spirit. Enjoyable in a tongue in cheek, totally surreal way!

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