The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Shit-Faced Showtime

Shitfaced ShowtimeHaving met our friends Lord Liverpool and the Countess of Cockfosters for a sneaky meal (or at least that was the plan) – before My Lord goes off and prepares for his Spoken Word sesh this evening, we’re back on the show trail, with the delightfully named, and even more amusingly conceived, Shit-Faced Showtime, associated show to Shit-Faced Shakespeare that’s also doing the rounds this week but we couldn’t quite fit it in to our schedule. Here’s what they have to say about it: “From the team who brought you Shit-Faced Shakespeare comes an all new, all singing, all drinking, musical show! Shit-Faced Showtime by the legendary Magnificent Bastard Productions is the hilarious combination of an entirely serious musical revue with an entirely shit-faced cast member. Side-splitting, raucous and completely interactive, this show combines the very best of harmonious Broadway with a healthy dose of fermented barley… Featuring classic tunes and highly unpredictable behaviour, Shit-Faced Showtime will leave you gasping for a chaser. About Magnificent Bastard: ‘Genuinely hilarious’ (Guardian). ‘Very rock’n’roll’ (Times).”

Shitfaced Showtime 2Call me shallow but I just love the idea of this show. I trust the actor who has been chosen to be tonight’s shit-faced member genuinely is shit-faced and is not just acting it, because otherwise I think that joke might run out very quickly. Produced by Magnificent Bastard – they really do come up with some excellent names – I’m very much looking forward to spending an hour watching someone do irreparable damage to their reputation. Bear-baiting comedy? It sounds like it. Lowest common denominator? Absolutely. But if they do it with gusto and conviction, I can see this being a winner. It starts at 18:45 at Underbelly Med Quad – Ermintrude, so check back around 7.45 to see who got squiffy and what chaos it caused. Our next show will be previewing by that time too!


Ok, right. With this one, unfortunately my fears were right. I just got the feeling the drunk was completely acting it. Whenever called on to sing, she shrieked. Don’t you think most musical theatre performers (when drunk) would just get more mellow? To be fair, there were a few funny scenes but for the most part I was bored after ten minutes. Credit where it’s due, the majority of the audience loved it. Alas, not me. 

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