The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Bathtime

BathtimeJust like you have motorists and cyclists, dog lovers and cat lovers, morning people and evening people, you also have bathers and showerers. It’s not hard to work out on which side of the divide our Bathtime hero Harry positions himself. Here’s the blurb: “Like all great people (Whitney Houston, the Romans) Harry loves a bath. But when his wife, Sarah, is mysteriously bludgeoned to death, Harry keeps getting dragged from his bubbles by people – showerers, usually – who think he did it. A thrilling new dark comedy about when the love goes cold but the bathwater is still hot. From comedy theatre writer and performer Richard Purnell. Directed by Kellie Tori. **** ( ‘Unmistakable quality’ (”

Bathtime 2This looks like it will be a wryly comic thriller, set in the bath – well, why not? I’m definitely thinking Harry has a few secrets lurking beneath those bubbles. Written and performed by Richard Purnell I’m expecting a very clever piece of writing and some inventive staging. It starts at 13:55, so check back shortly after 3pm to see if Harry has done something he should be ashamed of. I’ll also have uploaded the next preview blog so you can see where we’re off to next.


A wonderful watery piece of whimsy! Mr Purnell is a terrific wordsmith and this is a delightfully written monologue delivered with great feeling, whether it’s those “relax in the bath” moments or the tenser “is he going to give himself away to the police” moments. That is, if he did it. He did, didn’t he? As a confirmed showerer, I really fancy a bath now! 

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