The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Russell Hicks – Big Mouth Strikes Again

Russell HicksFirst of all, let’s have a read of the blurb: “American smart ass showcases the wit that got him described as ‘a mix between Jack Dee and Dennis Leary’ ( This show has it all: humour, madness, imagination and the ability to take a punch.”

Russell Hicks againHere’s one show I am absolutely determined to go to, come hell or high water. We saw Mr Hicks at one of our Screaming Blue Murder nights in Northampton and he was absolutely amazing in that he spent the entire set reacting to the crowd and barely dipping into any of his prepared routine. I was determined to see him again. And thus it was that we arranged to see him at the Edinburgh Fringe last year in his Unprepared show. Trouble is, it was our first night and we’d been up so early, and we were really tired and…so we didn’t turn up.

Russell Hicks yet againSo this year we’re definitely going to turn up, otherwise I’m going to give the poor guy a complex. And I’m really looking forward to it! He’s on at 17:00 at the Laughing Horse at the Free Sisters, 139 Cowgate. Check back shortly after 6pm to make sure we really did go. And also check out what it is we’re seeing next!


We really did go this time! And I would guess about 20% of it was prepared material. I loved the disconcerting “backward” start, and the way he creates a cast of characters from various members of the audience. Today we had Marketing Student who couldn’t come up with a strategy, Bournemouth man who sounded more Hoots Mon than you’d expect from Dorset, and Aragorn, who could almost kill a man with a camp flick of a punch. But it was his girlfriend who had a surprise up her sleeve. Mr Hicks has eyes in the back of his head and misses nothing. A brilliantly inventive approach, breaking all the rules because that’s what they’re there for! An hour stuffed with laughs from unexpected places. Great stuff! 

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