The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Births, Deaths & Marriages

Births Deaths MarriagesTime for the briefest of lunches and to meet up with our Northampton friends Mr & Mrs Flying the Flag, who have been touring Scotland and the North, and who are joining us for a feast of Fringeyness for the rest of the day – they won’t know what’s hit them! Their first exposure to the Fringe will be Births, Deaths & Marriages, a co-production between Ipswich’s New Wolsey Theatre and People You May Know (who are actually people I don’t know). This is apparently what it’s all about: “Four young people, four big decisions… one long night! Adult life isn’t working out for them and if they don’t do something about it they might be stuck forever. Trapped in the life they thought they wanted, hoping it gets better, but not really doing anything about it… Like planning how you’d spend the lottery jackpot when you didn’t even play. A call to action for a lost generation from the company that produced the triple award-nominated Party Piece (, Stage, Holden Street Theatres). Time to grow up and take charge.”

Births DeathsPersonally, I’m not sure growing up and taking charge is all that it’s cracked up to be. Still the play sounds intriguing, and a lot of what I have read about it suggests it’s going to be riveting theatre. It’s on at 14:00 at the Pleasance Courtyard – Pleasance Above, so check back after 3pm to find out how we all got on, and also see what our next show is going to be!


Clever, funny, rewarding little play with loads of interweaving threads that come together very satisfyingly. Not sure Ipswich comes out of it that well! Great performances from a very confident and skilful cast – and I really liked the use of video! Recommended!

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