The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2015 – Ozymandias

OzymandiasOur mid evening break between shows is ten minutes longer than planned, due to the change of start time for Ozymandias. This did have a knock-on effect on our late evening plans, but nothing insurmountable. So, Ozymandias then, King of Kings, look on my works ye mighty and despair. Yes, I studied this, not for English literature as you might imagine, but for the form elocution prize, which, I modestly add, I won. We did things differently in 1974. Back to the show: “Ramesses the Great (Ozymandias to his friends), invites all passing travellers to an unsurpassable evening of wit, charm, intrigue, profundity, music, storytelling and career advice. The privilege of the company of the King of Kings is quite unlike any other; all should prepare to be humbled before him. Winner Best Show Durham Drama Festival 2015. ‘Startling, profound, baffling, but brilliant’ ( ‘Ozymandias is not safe. It is different … and isn’t that what you want from theatre?’ (”

Ozymandias with his back towards usSo, I’m expecting not so much of a history lesson, but more an insight into a narcissistic, unpredictable and over-powerful mind. Durham University’s Raving Mask theatre presents Hugh Train in the role of Ozymandias, and from what I read, I believe he’s extraordinarily good. I think we’re going to be held hostage to whatever whims he fancies, which might throw us deep into the challenging end of the spectrum, but I’m always up for an experimental piece of theatre. It starts at 22:20 at TheSpace @Jury’s Inn, and I think it’s quite a short show, so do drop by shortly after 11pm to see if we escaped his clutches unscathed. And you can also find out about our final show tonight.


A little nugget of theatrical perfection. Ozy (he’d hate to be called Ozy) deconstructs the one man play by breaking so many rules it’s insane. But it works fantastically well as each member of the audience gets individually challenged by the Big Fellah. It nicely takes the mick out of the balance between genuinely deep theatre and portentous nonsense. A really intimate and personal performance. This chap has definitely got to be One To Watch. I absolutely loved it. 

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