The Edinburgh Fringe 3-Nighter – Travesti

TravestiAs soon as I read about Unbound Productions’ play Travesti, I thought it sounded like it had terrific potential. Here’s what it’s all about: “Slick, warm, laugh out loud funny: Travesti takes the everyday lives of 21st-century women and puts them into the mouths – and bodies – of six male actors. The guys gossip, dance and sing their way through women’s real experiences of sexual violence, being groped on public transport and unruly body hair. This verbatim show respectfully and hilariously engaging with the hot topic of gender equality and which ‘turns on a knife-edge’ (” I’m expecting a smart production and a witty collection of stories, and I’m hoping that the disconnect between the words spoken and the actual speakers will bring a new emphasis to familiar issues. It’s on at 14:50 at the Pleasance Dome, so hopefully I’ll try to post a few comments by around 4pm. Our next show will also be previewed by then.

Fascinating show. It was indeed really curious to hear women’s words coming out of men’s mouths. The actors conveyed the faltering, natural conversational style really well too. Not 100% certain why five of them ended up in their undies, I guess it just stressed the sexualisation of women. Both Mrs C and I thought a companion piece where women speak the words if men would work well too. Well worth seeing.

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