The Edinburgh Fringe 3-Nighter – Lace Up

Lace UpContinuing our rather male-dominated day at the Edinburgh Fringe, our next show is the very interesting looking Lace Up from Trig Point Theatre. Here’s its description: “Lace Up, written by up and coming playwrights Mikey Burnett and Joseph McCann, is a captivating tale about a young boxer from Edinburgh who has the world at his feet. Trained by his brother and put under immense pressure by his promoter, young Stuart Macmillan punches his way to a world title shot. But a shocking event in the ring casts doubt on whether Stuart is as determined as he seems. As pressures mount and the biggest fight of his life looms, Stuart has one decision to make – what price would you pay to achieve your dream?” Not quite sure what to expect from the play itself, but I hope it will tackle the issues of ambition versus reality, and whether you have to sacrifice your integrity to get what you want. I’ve often thought the boxing world could be a fruitful source for intense drama – we’ll see if I’m right! It’s on at 18:45 at The Space at North Bridge. Instant reactions on here by 8pm hopefully, which is when the next preview will also be available.

Really gripping story, engrossingly told. Three excellent performances, and if you’ve ever wondered if boxing is a barbaric sport (personally I don’t think that but I know many people who do) this play might change, or confirm, your thoughts one way or another. It ended on a cliffhanger – I really wanted to know what happened next! Great stuff!

PS I’ve written a fuller review of Lace Up here if you’re interested!

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