Midweek Eurovision

Tom Dice Well as usual I am behind with my theatrical posts but here we are on Semi Final 2 Day for this year’s Eurovision! Excitement tingles the spine, only tempered by the memory of the appalling BBC3 reception we suffered on Tuesday night, thus having to decamp to the inlaws to watch it and thereby missing the first four songs. This reception lark had better improve or else we will be driven back to the welcoming wallet I mean arms of Sky Heaven Help Us All.

Hera Bjork Tuesday night’s show was highly entertaining though. Tom for Belgium and Hera for Iceland were on excellent form and deservedly went through. Thea for Malta performed wonderfully well but the song is a snoozefest and she wasn’t helped by Big Bird. Similarly Poland’s song was destroyed by what frankly appeared to be Marcin’s overtures to a sexual assault on his poor backing dancer. And as for Russia… well I know it’s meant to be tongue in cheek humorous, but even after a friend explained it in great detail, I still don’t get the joke.

Jon LilygreenAnyway, really excited about tonight as we have Jon for Cyprus who lives in Wales and Niamh for Ireland who lives in Northern Ireland, thus we have at least two UK representatives tonight! I have to say I like both their songs very much and think they will do themselves proud, I will be very surprised if they don’t qualify – watch this space. Niamh Kavanagh “It’s for you” for Ireland is particularly satisfying. On the other hand when I try to think of “Life Could be Better in Spring” I realise I am actually remembering the Belgian song.

It kind of grieves me to say it but the Dutch entry is growing on me. Paula and Ovi Sieneke sings a daft song but the barrel organ background is strangely uplifting. I am also looking forward to seeing the Romanian dual piano go up in flames, whether Safura will trip down the stairs, what’s going to grow out of an Armenian apricot stone and wondering whether Marks will stock a range of Lithuanian underpants. Only in Eurovision!

5 thoughts on “Midweek Eurovision

  1. Thanks for that. I didn’t know Niamh lived in NI. That means we now have all four parts of the UK in the final; Josh from Essex and a ‘Cypriot’ backing singer from Devon, plus Scottish and Welsh people in the Cypriot band, which is brilliant. (We also have an Irishman and a German-born Italian in the UK act!)

  2. Hello Mr Chig (and indeed Mr BC), nice that my commenters are from different countries (albeit temporarily!) Great that Ireland and Cyprus made it through; and I loved the Romanian piano. Not sure about that stone though. I guess sparkly underpants will now be remaindered, along with the glowsticks.

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