It’s a tricky one

How do you decide whether or not it’s sensible to venture on to the snowy roads to get to work? Local radio shocks you with news of several hundred local schools closing, but you look out of the window and see cars and buses merrily zooming away on the main road. The side roads are more entertaining. We’re on a short slope here, and half the cars attempting it are visiting both kerbs on their way down. So you can travel 50 miles on major roads no problem but end up in A&E trying to negotiate the first 50 yards.

View from my (closed) study window. Too cold to open it.

Mrs Chrisparkle decided not to hazard out today. She had plenty of work she could do at home and I can hear her now tapping away at the laptop, making work calls and being highly productive. She’ll probably get more done today than she would ever have achieved in the office. Apparently only three people have made it in. But at the same time she feels like a scaredycat, and has somehow let herself down. It’s a tricky balance between “Doing The Right Thing” and “Being Sensible”, and I certainly don’t know the answer.

I’m lucky enough to work from home anyway. I have to go out in two days time, taking my somewhat unreliable motor on a 30 mile journey. Will I do it? Will I bottle out? Dunno.

7 thoughts on “It’s a tricky one

  1. The fact Mrs Chrisparkle is busily working away no matter the location means she hasn’t let herself down if the alternative is being stuck in traffic for ages and preventing herself and others from working as a result!

    More snow tomorrow please….! 😉

  2. Great Blog! Im sure most people went through that shall i shant i go to work this morning thing. Not me though,i work from home however i had to venture out on foot to collect my little clients, and drop my own children at school. This to was probably hilarious to someone like yourself ,who was watching from a window somewhere!! The slipping and sliding around the footpaths was scary this morning!
    However i think after a big freeze tonight things will be decisively worse tommorow…….We will see.

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere!

    Living in the the only part of Canada unequipped for winter, most folks stay home if we get more than 5cm of snow. If we get 30cm the city is fairly paralyzed for a week. Of course if you work and live downtown you get to cover for all your colleagues from the ‘burbs.

    UBC is about 200m higher than sea level, so it gets a bit more snow than where I live downtown.

    Stay home! Eat carbs! Surf the internet! The only sensible things to do!

  4. It does seem strange when the longest and most difficult part of a journey in this type of weather is the job of getting the car on to a main road. I had the challenge just before Christmas.. and yes I did have a “sliding back” moment on my way up the road to the main road which is only a very short distance – unfortunately all the way out of my car park to the main road is an uphill slope!!

    Indeed, I think “Mrs Chrisparkle” made the right decision today by staying at home and sounds like she had a productive day of work, compared to what could have been a wasted and unsafe day in traffic chaos in these horrid conditions!!

    Great blogging btw 🙂

  5. Like the infernal fools who insist on screaming “Happy New Year” in the first few days of the year, I’m resisting congratulating on the simplest part of blogging – ie actually signing up. Such shallow sentiments.

    I can say these things because I know everyone else doesn’t know me.

    Which provides me an excellent way in to my next comment full of bitterness and resentment.

    How many comments have you received after only your second post???!

    Dear God Almighty. This must surely mean you’re a deeply popular individual. Given my ongoing and thus vain efforts at encouraging comments (from non-stalkers) on the internet I offer you reasonably good wishes and similar amounts of encouragement (which I know you don’t need) for future posts. No doubt you’ll receive even more comments in response to those.

    *Storms off in a massive huff with his cloak flapping wildly behind him*

  6. No, wait, Thoroughly, please, don’t go…..

    Damn. He’s gone. I wonder if I can lure him back with a biccy.

    *Checks larder – no biccies – post-Christmas diet*

    In the words of T S Eliot, in fact when he was addressing Ezra Pound in the epigraph to “The Waste Land”, and borrowing from Dante, I believe:

    “Il miglior fabbro”.

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