Eurovision 2020 – The contest that never was – Results: The Left Side of the Scoreboard (aka The Right Side of the Scoreboard)

I know you’re all desperate to see the results, so let’s just get on with it, shall we? Snowdrop, roll the titles.

13th67 pointsFrance12th68 pointsTransfer those to the scoreboard:



71 points
Netherlands10th76 pointsIsraelCatching up with the scoreboard now, looks like this:


9th77 pointsUK8th82 pointsGermany7th82+ points6th84 ptsSwitzerland

So let’s just have another look at the scoreboard:

Penultimate table

Top 5

Who will the winner be?


5th90 ptsBulgaria4th108 ptsLithuania3rd113 ptsMalta2nd117 ptsit'sit'sit'sItaly1st158Iceland

And here’s the final scoreboard!

Final scoreboard

So that final announcement also clears up the last two questions – the winner is Iceland, and their winning total has fewer than 200 points! Thank you to everyone who voted, and also to those of you who answered my follow-up prediction questions. Everyone answered at least one question correctly, although no one guessed Greece would come second. The winner of the guessing game, with six correct answers, was Jody West! So we know who to ask for betting tips next year (which, of course, will be in Reykjavik!)

I had hoped that Daði og Thingamajið would have been able to do a live reprise of their winning song, but turns out that was just a weird dream I had.

Because Snowdrop is insisting on it – here are how the top ten votes in the two Semi Finals panned out:


1st – Lithuania 176 pts

2nd – Malta 169 pts

3rd – Israel 136 pts

4th – Norway 130 pts

5th – Ireland 127 pts

6th – Sweden 126 pts

7th – Azerbaijan 111 pts

8th – Russia 95 pts

9th – Croatia 73 pts

10th – Belgium 70 pts


1st – Iceland 231 pts

2nd – Denmark 171 pts

3rd – Bulgaria 154 pts

4th – Switzerland 149 pts

5th – Austria 92 pts

6th – Estonia 84 pts

7th – Albania 83 pts

8th – Serbia 80 pts

9th – Georgia 76 pts

10th – Greece 64 pts


And that finally concludes this Virtual Eurovision! Thanks again for voting, hope you found it fun!


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