Eurovision 2020 – The contest that never was – Results: The Right Side of the Scoreboard (aka The Wrong Side of the Scoreboard)

SnowdropThank you all again for your votes and also for your answers to my 8 prediction questions! Snowdrop has checked and double-checked the results, and we are now in a position to reveal the songs that finished from 14th to 26th. It’s so exciting, Snowdrop has gone clammy. He’s a disgrace.

Here goes! Don’t scroll too fast, make the moment last!!

26th6 ptsGreeceSo that’s the first of the 8 prediction questions! Greece was the country to come last. Curiously, it was 2nd in the running order too; the curse continues….

25th17 pointsSpainAnd that’s the second question! Spain was the Big Five country who scored lowest. Here’s the scoreboard beginning to take shape.

Table24th23 pointsEstonia23rdSerbiaSo let’s take a quick look at the scoreboard now:


22nd27 pointsBelgium21st33 pointsAlbaniaLet’s see the scoreboard:

Table20th37 pointsCroatia19th37+ pointsAustriaAnd another look at the scoreboard….

TableLet’s keep going!

18th42 oointsGeorgiaWhich answers the third of our questions; Azerbaijan received more votes than Georgia… and as if to prove it….

17th54 pointsAzerbaijanLet’s just see that scoreboard progressing:

Table16th60 pointsRussiaWhich answers yet another question – Russia had fewer votes than Israel.

15th61 pointsIrelandAnd that answers yet another question – Ireland received fewer votes than the UK. Now it’s on to the last song to end up on the right hand side of the scoreboard…..

14th65 pointsSwedenAnd that answers another question – the UK do end up on the left hand side of the scoreboard!

Here’s the scoreboard as it closes the first half of the voting:

TableSee you tomorrow with the top half of the voting!

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