Eurovision Song Contest 2020 – The Contest that never was – Interval Act

EurovisionThank you everyone who voted in the Grand Final of this year’s virtual Eurovision – there were 29 of you who contributed so that’s a goodly number to get a feel as to what might have happened in Rotterdam.


SnowdropWhilst Snowdrop is totting up the votes, for an Interval Act I’ve got 8 questions for you, to make the revelations of the scores EVEN MORE exciting than they otherwise would be. You can send me your answers, either as a comment on the blog, or a comment on Facebook, or by DMing me or emailing me in the usual way. Or you can keep your answers private if you want to be a spoilsport.


So here are the 8 questions:


  1. Who will win? (Not who you want to win, who you think will win)
  2. Who will come last?
  3. Which of the Big Five (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK) will finish in the lowest position?
  4. UK v. Ireland – which will finish higher?
  5. Russia v. Israel – which will finish higher?
  6. Azerbaijan v. Georgia – which will finish higher?
  7. There were 29 voters (thank you!) – so the maximum score for any country would be 348. Will the winning country score more or less than 200?
  8. Will the UK be on the left or right side of the scoreboard?


You can give yourself one point for each question you get right when the scores are revealed. And you’ve got… ooh… about 24 hours to submit your answers. Go!!!!

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