Eurovision 2020 – Semi Final Two Envelope Opening Ceremony – Or Not

Greetings once again and welcome to the written confirmation of the recording of the Grand Opening of the Envelopes Ceremony of the second Semi Final – you can catch the live action on my Facebook page (should you so desire).

SnowdropThis week 26 of us voted and Snowdrop from the European Bear Union scrutinised intently the opening of the envelopes to ensure that everything was above board. So let’s waste no more time; here goes, and this is the order in which the ten songs were chosen:AlbaniaSwitzerlandGeorgiaSerbiaBulgariaEstoniaDenmarkGreeceAustriaIceland

So just to confirm, that means:CongratulationsAnd:bye byeAs official overseer of the ceremony, Snowdrop insisted – quite dogmatically, actually – that the votes awarded to the songs that failed to make the grade should be made public. His wish is my command:

In 18th position with 26 points from 7 voters – POLAND

In 17th position with 38 points from 8 voters – PORTUGAL

In 16th position with 44 points from 14 voters – MOLDOVA

In 15th position with 49 points from 11 voters (including one dix points) – CZECH REPUBLIC

In 14th position also with 49 points from 8 voters (but with three dix points) – ARMENIA

In 13th position with 53 points from 10 voters (including one douze points) – LATVIA

In 12th position with 55 points from 17 voters – SAN MARINO

And just missing out…

In 11th position also with 55 points from 12 voters (but with one douze points) – FINLAND

I can reveal that the country in 10th position received 63 points (and with no douze points) so it was another quite close finish.

All that remains is for me to thank you for voting in this semi final and there’ll be a vote for the Grand Final next week, which I’m sure you’re completely thrilled about. So keep voting!

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